Meet Janice Clarke – my new intern!

Janice will be accepting new clients in January 2018.  Fees will be at a reduced rate.

My name is Janice Clarke and I am pleased to be joining Ellis Nicolson and Associates as a Counselling Intern for my Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology program for Yorkville University. 

Like you, I have experienced life’s highs and lows. I draw from these experiences when I offer understanding and support to my clients. I recognize the courage it takes to ask for help and that it represents a brave first step in the pursuit of personal well-being.

You will find our sessions a safe and caring place to really be heard and express what is troubling you most.  Collaboratively I join you in seeking resolutions to your concerns in an up close in-depth way to gain a richer understanding of your circumstance.

If you are experiencing a significant life change like grief, marital break-up, illness, job loss, becoming a new parent, leaving home, or empty nest you may be feeling anxious, sad, or afraid. Whatever is distressing you, my goal is to help you recognize your internal strengths, external resources, and the proactive life-enhancing options that are available to you.

Whether in individual, couple, or family sessions you will find that I offer hopeful, intuitive, compassionate, humorous, and positive perspectives. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Counselling sessions can be booked for January 2018 through Ellis Nicolson & Associates.