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Our Philosophy of Change

Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you feel that no matter how hard you try, the same things keep happening-you keep getting the same results?


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We will help you become a pattern breaker.

Do you feel stuck in your relationship? Do you keep attracting the same kind of mate? Do you have seasons where your mood is very low, and you are not motivated? Do you have periods of time when you typically feel anxious or panic? You may simply be repeating embedded, negative patterns that you learned growing up, and are repeating them today without your knowledge.

We are in the business of breaking patterns!

We believe that wellbeing and inner peace is attained by recognizing and breaking three distinct patterns in your life:

  1. Patterns you learned growing up: Growing up we were all modelled how to behave through explicit messaging and implicit messaging. We learned how to express and cope with our emotions, and we learned what was ok/allowed and not ok/allowed. These learnings typically impact our ability to be vulnerable and connect deeply to others, especially if we experienced any kind of trauma growing up. We are very adaptive and learned to survive growing up, but these same strategies typically work against us in adulthood.

  2. How you view yourself: We tend to be very hard on ourselves! It is hard to view the positives within ourselves, but we typically have little trouble recognizing the negatives! This view of our self informs how we see and experience the world and affects our experience of feeling/being loved. Our view of self is vital to our wellbeing.

  3. How we interact with others: How we grew up and how we view ourselves directly impacts how we respond and interact with others. Do you find yourself being defensive, reactive, critical, blaming, or shutting down and distancing from those closest to you? Do you have trouble being vulnerable and taking emotional risks? Do you anxiously pursue your partner while they withdraw? We will help you recognize these unhelpful patterns and create healthy patterns for relating to others, so your needs can be met.

If you want lasting change in your life, we will help you become a pattern breaker, and create new patterns that bring about inner peace, and healthy connections in your relationships.

Connect again. Communicate clearly. Take a risk.