Michele Riel

Registered Psychotherapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor

Do you and your partner often argue? Do you find yourself feeling sad, frustrated, lonely, disconnected, resentful, angry? Have you lost trust in them? Do you feel you are not treated well and talking just causes more fights or your partner may shut you out and become unresponsive? You may be stuck in an unhealthy relationship pattern or cycle. Maybe you’re feeling desperate to change this dynamic but nothing you do seems to help? Using Emotionally Focused Therapy, we can work to replace these negative patterns of interaction with positive ways of communicating that allow you to feel loved, supported and emotionally connected.

EFT, regarded as the gold standard for relationship therapy, is a short-term therapy that normally consists of 10-20 weekly sessions, depending on the level of escalation or past trauma. EFT is supported by extensive research and produces excellent and lasting results. You will learn how to resolve conflict and cultivate or renew a deep and meaningful bond.

We all want to feel understood, comforted and valued by our partners. You’ll receive tools that will help you tame the negative cycle and be able to express yourself in a way that allows your partner to be empathetic and supportive. You will have the confidence that no matter what the issue, you can talk with your partner and they will be there for you.I also offer a safe, caring and confidential environment to individuals and families with issues including stress, anxiety, anger management, relationship distress, coping skills, self-esteem, grief, life transitions, ADHD and other neurodiversity.