Are you considering counselling?

People often ask me what they should be looking for in a counsellor/therapist.  First thing, your therapist should be registered with a professional association or college.  Did you know that counselling is not currently regulated in Ontario?  Did you know that your neighbour could hang his/her shingle on their door and proclaim to be a Marriage/Family Therapist or Psychotherapist/Counsellor?  Thankfully, this is changing with the passing of Bill 171- within the Psychotherapy Act(2006)-under the provincial Ministry of Health,  in June 2007.  A Marriage and Family Therapist, has at minimum, a Master’s Degree, as well as 1000 direct client hours post graduation, along with 200 hours of direct supervision from an OAMFT/AAMFT supervisor.  

Aside from credentials, it is imperative that you feel comfortable with your counsellor, that you connect with him or her.  If you feel the counsellor is not a right fit, then it is a good idea to ask for a referral.