Celebrating a Life

Recently, good friends of mine gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  His arrival came six weeks earlier than expected, but his parents were ready to welcome him into this world and their loving family.  Very early into his life, he developed major complications which meant that his life would not be sustainable.  My friend’s lives went from experiencing jubilation to terror.  He was transferred to Sick Kids Hospital to be cared for.  Essentially, my friends were in the position where they were waiting for their son to die.  But, my friends chose a different path.  They decided to celebrate every moment of his life.  They celebrated his one week and two week birthdays; they invited family and close friends to share in this celebration of life.   They turned a tragedy into a celebration.  What is amazing, is how this wee little boy, in two weeks, affected people so profoundly.  Family, friends, distant friends, were all touched by this story.

Let us celebrate the moments we have with our loved ones.