Does Anxiety have a hold on your Life?

Every day I have the privilege of listening to people’s stories of struggle and triumph. A story that is becoming more common is the impact of anxiety on people’s lives. For some, its grip cripples lives, destroys their confidence and causes them to isolate from friends, family and even the world. Others may experience anxiety as a constant worry that at times results in a panic attack. And others see anxiety as regular visitor who just won’t seem to get the message and leave town!

Whatever the experience, anxiety is a real feeling that can cause you to feel like you have lost control of your body and your thoughts. But, there is hope! Therapy can give you skills and tools to equip you to respond to anxiety differently. Anxiety is not something to get rid of, it is something to embrace! This may sound strange to you, why would I want to embrace something that causes me such problems? This may even sound paradoxical to you! I assure you that the more we embrace anxiety, the less power it will have over us. I encourage you to book an appointment to learn how to embrace your anxiety.