Health Care

Recently, my two-year old daughter was admitted to Sick Kids. The doctors suspected she had a serious viral infection, but there was a possibility that she may have Leukemia. We endured two extremely arduous moments waiting for blood-work results, and a bone-marrow biopsy to determine whether Leukemia was present. Over our five-day journey, we saw many specialists, nurses, nurse-practitioners, and surgeons. My wife and I were very impressed with the continuity of care; every doctor and nurse was completely up to speed on the case, and knew the care plan. We were even more impressed with the after-care plan, and the doctor’s accessibility.

A few weeks after being discharged, our daughter spiked a fever, so my wife called Sick Kids, and guess what, the Hematologist phoned her back within minutes and advised us to return to Sick Kids. How many other healthcare practitioners, especially specialists, would call a patient personally? Our anxiety was reduced immediately because we had a response, and a plan. Imagine, if all our healthcare practitioners followed this model! Healthy marriages involve partners that are emotionally responsive to each other. Let us all work harder at being responding to each other’s needs.