Meet my new intern – Courtney Mann

Courtney will be accepting new clients in September 2018.  Fees will be at a reduced rate.​ 

Hello! I am Courtney Mann, and I am thrilled to be joining Ellis Nicolson+associates as a Counselling Intern as part of the completion of my Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology program, at Yorkville University. Everyone experiences life’s challenges differently, but my goal is to make sense of it together. I truly believe my work as a counsellor is a vocation. It is more than a career for me. It is my calling. I think one of the most exciting aspects of therapy is the creation of ‘hope.’ Hope is the light amidst the darkness and the fuel to persevere when you think you can’t. Thus, I strive to provide a safe and empathetic space where we can talk through the challenges of your life. I approach my role as a counsellor with a non-judgemental curiosity and a desire to understand so that I can assist you in overcoming your challenges. I believe the therapeutic process is best served through mutual participation and collaboration to ensure you are getting everything you can from the experience. It takes courage to seek support so I applaud your bravery in taking the first step to discovering how your well-being can be improved. Together, we will explore your challenges from a holistic perspective. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Counselling sessions can be booked for September 2018 through Ellis Nicolson.